TRAINING -Public Procurement Commission and Ministry of Human Services and Social Security (Palms) Collaborate to Strengthen Procurement Processes

Mar 04, 2024

Date: March 1, 2024

In a collaborative effort with the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security, the PPC conducted a comprehensive training session on public procurement. The session was led by key personnel of the PPC’s Operations Department, including Mr. Antonio Yhan, Training Officer; Ms. Esther Osborne, Attorney-at-Law; and Mr. Prakash Sookdeo, Procurement Specialist. A total of 16 participants had the opportunity to delve into crucial topics, including understanding the role of the Public Procurement Commission by Mr. Yhan, legislative framework, administrative review, and debarment discussed by Ms. Osborne, and an in-depth exploration of the procurement process, procurement plans, thresholds, and tender openings led by Mr. Sookdeo.

The training successfully empowered participants, providing them with essential information to enhance the procurement systems within their respective organizations.
Entities interested in acquiring more information or requesting training sessions are encouraged to contact the Public Procurement Commission (PPC) via the following contact numbers: (592) 226-3729, (592) 231-7306, and (592) 226-2364, or through email at

The collaboration between the Public Procurement Commission and the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security underscores a commitment to advancing knowledge, fostering transparency, and strengthening procurement practices in Guyana. As the PPC continues its efforts to fulfill its constitutional mandate, it invites active participation and engagement from relevant entities to collectively enhance the landscape of public procurement in the Co-operative Republic of Guyana.