What We Do

There are thirteen functions of the Commission enshrined in the Constitution. Some of our key functions and as enabled by S. 17 of the Procurement Act, Cap. 73:05 are-
  • to monitor and review the effectiveness of all public procurement systems,
  • to report to the subject Minister on the aforesaid and make recommendations for any amendments to the Procurement Act which may be necessary to improve the effectiveness of the public procurement process,
  • to promote awareness of the rules and procedures of the public procurement process,
  • conduct training in the public procurement process including the holding of seminars,
  • to investigate complaints from contractors and suppliers by way of Administrative Review of decisions of procuring entities,
  • to determine the standard forms and documents for procurement
  • to adjudicate debarment proceedings
The Commission strives at all times to maintain the highest standards of conduct and professionalism.

Our Core Values



Articles 212X and 212Y of the Constitution of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana mandate that the Public Procurement Commission (PPC) shall consist of five members with expertise in procurement, legal, financial and administrative matters who shall be appointed for a term of three years.

Members are appointed by the President after a rigorous process of approval by not less than two thirds of the elected members of the National Assembly pursuant to Article 212X of the Constitution.

The extant Commissioners were duly appointed with effect from 8th July, 2022.

Ms. Pauline Chase

Mr. Berkley Wickham
Deputy Chairperson

Mr. Rajnarine Singh

Ms. Dianna Rajcumar

Mr. Joel Bhagwandin



Article 212Z(1) of the Constitution mandates that the Commission shall establish a Secretariat, comprising its officers and employees.

The Secretariat is headed by a Chief Executive Officer who acts as Secretary to the Commission and to who all employees directly report pursuant to Article 212Z(2) of the Constitution.

Mr. Michael Singh
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Mervyn Chung
Head of Operations
Ms. Bibi Shabena Ali
Head of Legal
Ms. Esther Osborne
Attorney At Law
Mr. Prakash Sookdeo
Procurement Specialist
Mr. Davindra Singh
Procurement Specialist
Mr. Savion Paddy
Civil Engineer
Ms. Samantha Sheoprashad
Public Relations Officer
Mr. Antonio Yhan
Training Officer
Mr. Jaime Kingston
IT Specialist
Ms. Michelle Hurry
Accountant (ag)
Ms. Vonetta Carter
Human Resource/Administrative Officer
Ms. Renuka Mootee
Executive Assistant
Ms. Abeyke Britton
Administrative Assistant
Ms. Valeen Welcome
Office Assistant
Mr. Shaun Massiah
Ms. Tamara Richards
Accounts Clerk
Mr. Quincy Gordon
Driver/Office Assistant