Public Procurement Commission Delivers Annual Report to Parliament

Jul 02, 2024

Public Procurement Commission Delivers Annual Report to Parliament


Georgetown, Guyana – The Public Procurement Commission (PPC) is pleased to announce the handover today of its Annual Report for the year 2022-2023 to the Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Manzoor Nadir. This morning’s event marks a significant milestone as it is not only the first Annual Report for the first year of operation of this, the second fully constituted PPC, but it is also the first Annual Report of the PPC to ever be laid before the National Assembly as required by Article 212CC of the constitution.

Pauline Chase, Chairman of the Public Procurement Commission who was accompanied by Deputy Chairman of the commission, Mr. Berkley Wickham, stated, “We are delighted to present this Report as we are mandated to do by Article 212CC of the constitution. The Report was actually completed since the end of last year but due to formatting and printing difficulties, its delivery was delayed. We are dedicated to presenting our next Annual Report before the end of this year, covering our second year of operation, which concludes next week on July 8th.”
The current PPC took office on July 8th, 2022, following a three-year hiatus without a fully constituted commission. “Upon assuming office, we encountered the challenge of re-establishing the commission and recruiting staff due to the expiration of previous contracts. However, we swiftly overcame these obstacles and commenced our mandated duties,” Chase explained.

The PPC operates under thirteen (13) constitutional functions outlined in Article 212AA (1) with key responsibilities including monitoring, investigations, training, and legislative review. Chase emphasized, “While investigations often garner the most attention, it is important to recognize our comprehensive role. Despite initial setbacks, we are pleased to report that we were nonetheless able to have diligently executed work across all of our main functional categories during our first year, expanding on the work of the past commission and embarking on new areas.”
Building on the foundation laid by the previous commission, the current PPC has made significant strides in fulfilling its mandate. “We are proud of our accomplishments over the past year and are committed to further enhancing our operations in our remaining period” Chase concluded. Pursuant to Article 212Y, Commissioners are appointed for a period of three (3) years and are not eligible for consecutive reappointment.

The Public Procurement Commission remains steadfast in its mission to ensure fair and transparent procurement practices in Guyana, contributing to the nation’s development and integrity.
The Hon. Speaker, who was accompanied by the Clerk of the National Assembly, Mr. Sherlock Issacs; the Deputy Clerk, Ms. Herminia Gilgeous, along with other staff members, expressed his congratulations to the Chairman and the commission for delivering this inaugural report to the National Assembly. He highlighted the significance of the legislative framework that ensures institutions like the PPC can perform essential oversight functions and independently establish policies.

“First, I wish to congratulate the Chairman and the Commission for presenting this first Annual Report to the National Assembly,” Speaker Nadir stated. “Importantly, we have the legislative infrastructure to ensure that we have institutions to perform oversight and to independently establish the policies of commissions like this.”
The Hon. Speaker in delivering remarks, commented on the process for the appointment of members of the commission. “While there may have been a hiatus between the appointment and the end of the last commission and this one, the process is a slow one because it starts in the National Assembly. It has to follow meticulous details in the Constitution with respect to appointing members of this commission,” Hon. Speaker Nadir explained.

Emphasizing the need for consensus, Hon. Speaker Nadir noted that achieving broad agreement among the nation’s representatives is a time-consuming but necessary endeavor. “It is painstakingly long, but in the end, the objective is a consensus commission that has the support of all the parties in the Assembly. So while people may say it’s long and there is a need for reform -that may be so. But if you want to get consensus, then consensus is always built around the least common denominator. That’s where you get consensus. And so it takes a long time.”
Reflecting on his extensive tenure in Parliament, Hon. Speaker Nadir expressed satisfaction with the progress made. “I am very, very pleased because I’ve seen the genesis of all these legislations and institutions, having been a fixture in this parliament for more than 28 years…so I’m very pleased to have seen this report.”

He also highlighted a significant change in the process of handling such reports, noting that they are now presented to the National Assembly rather than to ministers. This the Hon. Speaker noted cuts down on delays in having the Reports tabled. “Now these reports come to the parliament, not the ministers. And ministers, when reports go to them, those reports could be delayed, for one reason or the other. But here, we have reports coming to the Parliament. And it’s my duty to, as soon as we receive these reports, to have them tabled.”
The report is expected to be tabled in the National Assembly on July 8th, 2024. Hon. Speaker Nadir commended the Chairman and the commission for their dedication in producing this milestone document.

“Again, I am very, very pleased and honoured to receive this report today,” Hon. Speaker Nadir concluded. “Congratulations to the Chairman and the Commission for presenting the first-ever report of the Public Procurement Commission.”
After the Annual Report is tabled, an Executive Summary thereof will be published in accordance with Article 212CC (4) of the constitution.
Dated July 2nd, 2024.