PPC Hosts Meeting with NPTAB

May 11, 2023

PPC Hosts Meeting with NPTAB

On May 11th, 2023 the Public Procurement Commission (PPC) met with the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) the commission’s Secretariat, 262 New Garden Street, Queenstown, Georgetown, to discuss matters touching and concerning the public procurement process, functions and roles of the respective bodies.

The discussions centered around the-

  • Functioning of NPTAB –
  • Adherence to the Procurement Act, Cap. 75:03,
  • Constraints and difficulties experienced,
  • Pool of Evaluators,
  • Publication of tenders and contract awards, and
  • Plans for Development and Reform.
  • Execution of S. 17(2) of the Procurement Act, Cap. 73:05 in the absence of the PPC.
  • E-Procurement.

The meeting was attended by the full complement of the PPC and NPTAB, to wit, Ms. Pauline Chase, Chairperson of the PPC, Mr. Berkley Wickham, Deputy Chairperson, and Commissioners Ms. Dianna Rajcumar, Mr. Rajnarine Singh and Mr. Joel Bhagwandin together with Mr. Michael Singh, Chief Executive Officer. NPTAB was represented at the meeting by Dr. Tarachand Balgobin, Chairperson, Mr. Bernard Lord, Mr. Desmond Mohamed, Mr. Omar Narine, Mr. Steve Ninvalle, Mr. Mark Conway, and Ms. Gloria Beharry together with Mr. A. Parag, Chief Executive Officer.

As mandated by Art 212AA(1) of the constitution of Guyana and enabled by S.17(2) of the Procurement Act, Cap. 73:05, the PPC is required to report annually to the Minister of Finance on the effectiveness of the procurement processes and recommend therein any amendments to the said Act which may be necessary to improve the effectiveness of the procurement process.

The PPC looks forward to and intends to further engage NPTAB as well as other stakeholders in the execution of its mandate and functions.

For more information, please contact the PPC on contact numbers (592) 226-3729, (592) 231-7306, and (592) 226-2364 or via email at publicprocurement@ppc.org.gy.

Dated 11th May, 2023.