The Public Procurement Commission (PPC) distributes procurement information brochures.

The PPC, on March 9, 2021, distributed copies of its “Tender Preparation Tips for Contractors, Suppliers and Consultants” and “Debarment Procedures” brochures to the Small Business Bureau (SBB) and National Procurement Tender Administration (NPTA).

This initiative is part of the public awareness activities of the PPC to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of contractors and suppliers, who participate in the public procurement system.

The PPC has identified several key agencies, to support this distribution initiative, which will be continued over the upcoming weeks, as these agencies have regular interaction with Contractors/Suppliers.

Copies of the brochures are also available from the PPC’s website using the links below.

Dr. Lowell Porter - CEO of the Small Business Bureau - being presented with copies of the brochures by Mrs. Jonelle Deviera - Communications Officer, PPC.