The Legislative Framework


Doctype Description Size
Procurement Act Chapter 73:05 167KB
Procurement Regulations 2004 5565KB
Procurement Amendment Regulations 2004 30KB
Public Procurement Commission Tribunal Act Chapter 73:06 1,652KB

The Constitution of Guyana stipulates the purpose, function, composition and other key conditions by which the work of the Commission is guided.

Document Articles pertaining to the Public Procurement Commission
Constitution of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana.pdf
  • Article 212W – The purpose of the Public Procurement Commission;
  • Article 212 X – Composition of the Public Procurement Commission
  • Article 212 Y – Appointment of Commissioners, Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson
  • Article 212 Z – Secretariat
  • Article 212 AA – Functions of the Public Procurement Commission
  • Article 212 BB – Appeals
  • Article 212 CC – Reports
  • Article 212 DD – Requirement to provide information
  • Article 212 EE – Public Procurement Commission Tribunal

Debarment Regulations

Doctype Description Size
Draft Regulations on Suspension and Debarment 230KB
Draft Schedule of Offences 140KB

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