Summary of the Consultations on Suspension and Debarment Regulations

The Public Procurement Commission (PPC) continued its consultations on the Draft Suspension and Debarment Regulations with members of:

  • Professional Bodies
  • Public Enterprises and Constitutional Agencies – Chairperson & CEOs
  • Permanent Secretaries
  • Suppliers, Contractors & Consultants

These sessions were held during October and November 2018 and were aimed at introducing stakeholders to the proposed regulations.
The PPC worked to ensure that all stakeholders including Procuring Entities and Contractors / Suppliers attended these Consultations to share their thoughts and provide feedback on areas important to the effective functioning of the public procurement system, in keeping with the Public Procurement Act of 2003.
The discussions were facilitated by a panel which included our Chairperson and Commissioners. The sessions were productive and informative, recommendations were noted and taken for consideration.