Stakeholder engagement with State Assets Recovery Agency (SARA) and Small Business Bureau (SBB)

On March 12, 2019, the Commission hosted a meeting with representatives of the State Assets Recovery Agency and the Small Business Bureau to discuss possible areas for joint SARA-SBB-PPC outreaches aimed at supporting each other’s mission to enhance transparency and greater participation in the public procurement process.

Present at the meeting were Mrs. Carol Corbin, Chairperson of the Commission, along with Commissioners Ivor English and Sukrishnalall Pasha and C.E.O. Mr. Sean Noel. SARA was represented by Mr. Dennis Pyle and Mr. Elson Low, while Dr. Lowell Porter represented the Small Business Bureau.

Mrs. Carol Corbin, Chairperson of the Commission highlighted that the PPC’s proposed Suspension and Debarment Regulations, SARA’s Anti-Corruption Code, in addition to the SBB’s role in promoting small business’ access to procurement opportunities offered by Government, could present opportunities for such collaboration.

Mr. Dennis Pyle, SARA’s representative at the meeting, noted that there is significant need for adequate promotion of the Government’s 20% guarantee of procurement opportunities for small business, however the small businesses must understand that they need to register with their intention the SBB.

Dr. Lowell Porter, Head of the Small Business Bureau, noted that the contracting opportunities available to small business would have to be known to the SBB by the procuring entities in order for the SBB to fulfil its responsibilities under the Small Business Act and Procurement Act.

The meeting concluded with a commitment by the agencies to consult with each other on any planned consultations or engagements with the public, so that together each one could encourage and educate persons on the issues promoted by them.