Staff Performance Appraisal System

The Public Procurement Commission implemented its Staff Performance Appraisal System effective May 2019.

The new Performance Appraisal System is intended to provide the means by which the Commission can establish and maintain individual accountability, recognize employees for good performance, encourage professional development and provide for employee development, all of which supports the governance and management functions of the Commission.

Staff at a Performance Appraisal Training Workshop

The performance appraisal system will meet several objectives, including:

  • Creating a basis for administrative decision-making for succession planning, promotions and the rewards system;
  • Ensuring that the employees’ duties are linked to and contribute to the mission, goals and results of the organisation;
  • Ensuring that each employee has a clear understanding of the quantity and quality of work expected and establishing a process for evaluating performance relative to expectations;
  • Ensuring a process for boosting employee performance by encouraging employee empowerment, motivation and implementation of an effective reward mechanism;
  • Promoting a two-way system of communication between supervisors and staff to clarify expectations about employee roles and accountabilities, communicate functional and organisational goals, provide a regular and transparent feedback to improve employee performance and facilitate continuous coaching.

The Commission procured the services of a Consultant for the design of the Appraisal System, whose scope of works included:

  • reviewing the existing job descriptions of staff;
  • conducting individual staff interviews to facilitate the development of performance objectives, identification of required activities and to define the standards that would appropriately measure performance; and
  • conducting training workshops attended by staff and Commissioners to explain the proposed appraisal system.

The Consultant, Ms. Thelma Joseph, worked closely with the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sean Noel, to develop the performance appraisal system.