Nomination process initiated for Members of the Public Procurement Commission.

The Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament of Guyana recently placed an advertisement requesting from national stakeholders, including political parties and civil organisations, the submission of names of proposed nominees to serve as members of the Public Procurement Commission.

This move paves the way for the commencement of the process to appoint the second panel of Commissioners to ensure the proper functioning of the PPC.

The Public Procurement Commission is a body established under Article 212W. (1) of the Constitution of Guyana, with the responsibility, to monitor public procurement to ensure that the procurement of goods, services, and the execution of works are conducted in accordance with the law and relevant policy guidelines.

Article 212X of the Constitution states that the Public Procurement Commission “shall consist of five members who shall have expertise and experience in procurement, legal, financial and administrative matters”.

The functions of the Commission are outlined in Article 212AA. (1) of the Constitution, with additional key responsibilities outlined in Section 17(2) (a) to (f) of the Procurement Act 2003.

At the end of this current nomination process, the President of Guyana will appoint the members of the Commission following their approval by no less than two-thirds of the elected members of the National Assembly.

The deadline for the submission of names of proposed nominees is May 17, 2021.

Proposed Nominees for PPC Commissioners