Govt. to review state of procurement every month

– Article retrieved from Kaieteur News –

The Ministry of Communities will be conducting monthly reviews of procurements for capital projects and purchases in 2018 as a means of improving Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) implementation. Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan, said the decision seeks to prevent a repeat of last year’s poor performance of PSIP.
The Minister was speaking at the Ministry of Communities Senior Staff Conference held at the Ramada Hotel, Providence, East Bank Demerara

“Given the efforts that were made in the second half of 2017, that is, the creation of planning units and targeted interventions…the monitoring of those procurement plans that have already been submitted that there will be less room for excuses in 2018,” Minister Bulkan explained.

The staff conference is an annual event that is intended “to alert and sensitise” the Ministry of Communities senior leadership to the need for more effective delivery of its various responsibilities.

There was also a review of 2017 and plans and projections for 2018.

There was deep worry last year after it became known that for two consecutive years, state spending in the various regions were below targets.

A number of problems, including slow procurement process and uncooperative council members have all contributed to the issue.

The administration has introduced an early budget and has announced plans to keep a closer eye on the process.
Contractors complained of waiting ages for their mobilization orders.

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