Debarment Regulations Gazetted

In 2018, the Public Procurement Commission, (PPC), completed its initial review of and consultations on the draft Suspension and Debarment Regulations produced by the Ministry of Finance in 2016.

The revised Draft Regulations were then submitted to the Attorney General’s Chambers for finalisation and tabling in Parliament.

The new Suspension and Debarment Regulations were submitted to the National Assembly by the Minister of Finance and gazetted in the Official Gazette of June 21, 2019 as Regulation No. 5 of 2019.

These Regulations, which may be cited as the Procurement (Suspension and Debarment) Regulations 2019, confer upon the PPC the authority to debar or suspend any Supplier or Contractor once it is found that their activities meet the grounds established in the Regulations for debarment.

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